• 3 Reasons BBW Sex Is Better Sex


    Move over skinny girls, BBWs are here to claim their crown as queens of the bedroom.

    More so than ever, BBWs are in high demand when it comes to intimate activity. Society has us thinking that it’s the ‘normal’-sized girls who guys chase down in clubs, bars and on online dating apps, but this isn’t the case at all. Big beautiful women are more desired than ever, and one of the main reasons is because they come with advantages which skinny girls don’t.

    There’s a little more of everything

    Sure, it might not be guaranteed that a BBW girl is going to have huge boobs and a curvy behind, but the odds swing greatly in their favor. One of the most appealing things about BBW girls is their naturally-busty chest. If a skinny girl has large breasts, there’s a good chance they’ve been enhanced – something which turns a lot of guys off, according to recent surveys.

    BBWs offer a little more to grab during sex. More ass, more boobs. How could that ever be a bad thing?

    They have more confidence in the bedroom

    One of the most popular reasons why guys like BBW girls is because of their carefree nature. And of course, this translates to the bedroom too. Sex with a BBW is like having an access-all-areas pass to the realm of sexual exploration. Because they’re more relaxed when it comes to life in general, they’re not scared to try new things.

    For example, if you’re dating the kind of woman is obsessed with their image, they’re going to be so worried about their slight imperfections that they’ll be too afraid to bare all in the bedroom. Even the slightest mole or the faintest stretch mark might make a self-conscious skinny girl lose her sexual appetite.

    By contrast, most BBWs have come to terms with the size and shape of their figures. The majority of them are okay with having curves, and they’re not afraid to show it during times of intimacy.

    Beauty isn’t about shape or size, it’s about confidence.

    They like to indulge

    Ask yourself this question: What’s more important – other people’s perceptions of you, or enjoying life to the fullest?

    Ask any vain, skinny, wannabe-model this question and they’ll tell you that other people’s perceptions of them are the most important thing in the world. These kind of girls spend their lives in the gym, eat nothing but salad and avoiding the fun things in life just to impress strangers on social media. They’ll never leave the house without spending three hours applying make-up and they’ll throw a tantrum if their selfies don’t get at least twenty likes.

    And in twenty years, when they realize that nobody really cares about their selfies, make-up and toned butt cheeks, they’ll have wished that they’d have spent their time indulging a little more.

    Luckily, BBWs have already realized that life is too short to worry about what everyone else thinks of them. This extends to their sexual habits too. Instead of worrying about trying to fit into a pair of size 6 trousers, they’ll focus their intention of giving their partners the best sex possible. They’re more likely to forego the gym in favour of having sex all day.

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  • Top 3 Guns to Own for Self Defense

    3.) RugerSP101

    The SP101 is an incredible revolver that is now available in a bunch of  different calibers. When it shoots to the point and contains shoot capabilities of a revolver, there’s really no way that you can go wrong. The best choice for this gun, is the .357 Magnum cartridge all due to its amazing stopping ability. Although, the .327 Mag and .38 SP work well, too, if you don’t need as much  recoil. Speaking of the one on deck for the hardest hitter, its cylinder is able to hold five rounds, and is provided with either an external or an internal hammer, which is perfect if you decide to conceal carry it. These revolvers can weigh only 25 ounces, while sometimes some can be heavier, based on barrel length, and are easily movable around your home  if need be. MSRP isn’t too bad at $719, and probably a little bit cheaper than they are in stores. You get a solid revolver gun , that comes with an amazing reputation backed by one of the best companies in the gun business. You can’t go wrong with this pick. Get your hands on one today.

    2.) FNX 45

    If you are in the market  for a handgun with a large capacity magazine, that also just happens to magically be chambered in .45 ACP, then look no further than the FNX 45. With its fully controls meant for lefties and righties, 15 round magazines which are also available with 10 for you poor old things in California, and hard-hitting ammunition that is definitely sure to get the job done. Even better than that, this contains a MIL-STD accessory rail to install that flashlight or rail-mounted laser on top for easier target discovery.The FNX 45 isn’t exactly cheap with an MSRP of $824, but you might be able to find it cheaper than that in the shop. Plus, this gun comes with a couple of different back-strap options so you can make sure it’s comfortable in the grip of your hand. That, along with the DA/SA trigger and safety and decocker help make this a perfect addition to this list. You can get your hands on this gun in any store today.

    1. ) Smith And Wesson

    A lot like the Taurus Judge, which is also a great and reputable hand gun, this handy dandy adorable revolver shoots .45 Colt and .410 shot shells. It receives a bit of a one up on the Judge, but, in that it holds six shots, and adds one more cartridge to the mix with the .45 ACP. It needs moon clips in order to do so, but the one simple note that it can also hold John Browning’s world famous self-defense cartridge makes it definitely worth of being number one on this list.

    Watch the video below to see the best guns for home defense!