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  • The Best Teen Fucked By You And POV Videos


    Sometimes we want the feeling of fucking someone when we can’t have someone to hook up with, or don’t have anyone to, but toys can only go so far for women, and men don’t have the same options (besides a pocket pussy, but who really wants to use those?). What we crave besides the real feeling, is having someone in front of you, a real human, and being able to hear their moans and see their facial expressions. Seeing the pleasure on someone else’s face is what makes a lot of people cum, and being able to look at everything bounce on a girl is what men want to see.

    What can you watch to satisfy this feeling?

    Watch POV or “Fucked by you” porn videos.

    It’s the next best thing to VR porn without having to buy a headset. In POV and “Fucked by you” videos, the girl in the video roleplays for you as being the girl you’re fucking by talking and looking straight at the camera to give the illusion she is with you. She will then proceed to “fuck” the camera and point all her important body parts to the camera for you to imagine you’re playing or fucking with them.

    POV porn videos are similar, but you’ll often also see the figure of the male in the video, but you get to watch him fuck her from his point of view, making it seem like you’re the one who’s actually fucking her.

    Either category you choose to watch, you won’t be disappointed with how real it feels. These type of videos will get you off like no other porn categories because the attention and focus is on you, and making you feel like you’re the one fucking the beautiful teen in the video.

    So if you’re interested and want to see some “Fucked by you” or POV porn, here are a few videos to get you started.

    1. “Perfect Young Teen Fucked By You”

      In this Teen Fucked by You video that you can find on fan-favorite, you get the perfect example of why this category is the best for when you want to jerk off. A petite, blonde teen with glasses strips teases and fucks the camera for your pleasure, and will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

    2. “…Fucked By You To Orgasm”

      This YouPorn Fucked By You video features an intense amateur video that shows another blonde teen getting fucked roughly, and ends in a cumshot to her stomach. It’s a great video to watch because it combines both POV and Fucked By You to give an excellent experience to your jerking off session.

    3. “Hot Petite Teen Gets A Morning Fuck”

      Hailing from none other than PornHub themselves, this POV Teen video shows a hot petite teen getting fucked until she cums, and shows some of the best angles we’ve seen in a video of this category. You get to look at her full torso, pussy, and even her tits bouncing — watch this video and believe me when I say it’ll become your new favorite!

    4. “The Hottest Doggy POV You Will Ever See”

      The title says it all.

      Once again a combination of both POV and Fucked By You, this video does show one of the hottest doggy style POV we’ve ever seen, which means you get to watch a nice ass bounce up and down as if you were the one giving her back shots.

    5. “Watch My Tits Bounce As I Fuck You”

      Watching this video will make you cum faster than any of these. It’s the perfect Fucked By You video and truly makes you feel like this girl’s partner. If any one of these were to convince you that POV and Fucked By You are the best porn categories, it’d be this one.

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  • 9 gay sex tips that will keep you hard, clean, and STD free

    When you’re getting down and dirty, sometimes you hit a few bumps along your road to an orgasm. Here are a few tips for having sexy, clean, and orgasmic gay sex!

    1. Anal isn’t everything

    When you think of gay sex, you probably immediately think of anal. But anal isn’t the end all, be all of gay courtship.
    Sometimes you’ll meet someone who falls into the same sexual role as you do, sometimes the idea of all that preparation is just too much, and sometimes you’ll care more about having Mexican for dinner than getting laid.

    And that’s fine. You don’t have to have anal to get off or to feel like you’re actually having sex. Exploring one another’s bodies (especially with your mouth) is just as important and just as sensual as anal.

    2. Lube is your friend

    However, when you do decide to have anal you better have a ton of lube on hand. You can never have too much lube on hand.

    If you’ve ever had anal, you know that lube is your best friend. Some days, everything goes smoothly. Other days, however, you might feel a little too… tight. Going slow and lube will help everything fit nicely into place.

    Don’t get frustrated with yourself, forcing things along will only make you hate yourself later when you can’t sit straight.

    3. Use a condom!

    Safe sex is the best sex.  Especially if you meet a man on a random gay chat app.

    It’s important to protect yourself, especially since – be honest – you’re having a ton of casual sex.

    If you’re one of those boys who finds they can never relax during anal, using a condom might help because you might be able to relax a little more knowing that you’re protected. Always use a barrier!

    4. Sexuality is a spectrum, not a binary

    Top, vers, bottom. These are all words when it comes down to it.

    You shouldn’t allow yourself to become defined by these terms, especially if you don’t feel like you belong in either of those boxes.

    Understand that sexuality is fluid, understand that it’s okay to want to top one day and bottom the next, understand that you don’t have to stay inside a neatly labeled box.

    5. On fats, fems, and Asians

    While some people claim that they’re not into fats, fems, or Asians because it’s a “personal preference”, it’s starting to seem more and more like cloaked racism. If you’re with a guy or around friends who are anti-fat, anti-fem, anti-Asian call them on their bullshit.

    Sexuality is fluid, so don’t start limiting your attraction with these kinds of terms either. It’s okay to be into white guys or tall guys or hairy guys, but it’s not okay to state that you’re disinterested in an entire race of people.

    6. Open relationships can actually work

    Open relationships are huge in the gay community. However, some people question if they can really work. And yes, they can! If you do them right and with your partner’s consent. Poly is hard, so make sure that your relationship is ready for it!

    7. Trim your nails!!!!

    Men, you have some serious trouble with this. Before you put your fingers in any holes, trim your nails!
    The last thing you want to do is scratch inside someone and cause an infection