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The “course of fire” or pattern of riding is commonly referred to as a “stage” and should be designed for maximum enjoyment of competitors and spectators, while testing horsemanship and shooting skills. The safety of riders, spectators and horses is a principle concern.

The primary purpose of a stage is to provide a scoring grid that is fair for all contestants. A standard CMSA stage is to have ten targets.

A contestant is to shoot the course of fire with two single action revolvers with five CMSA approved cartridges in each revolver. Revolvers are used one at a time.

With the first revolver, a contestant shoots a random course of fire (the first half of the stage). This random course can be set in any safe manner.

Upon completing the random course, the contestant holsters the now empty revolver and draws the second revolver and rides to shoot the second half of the stage (called the “Rundown”).

The Rundown is standardized in all CMSA World Qualifying Matches. The Rundown is to have five targets to be completed in a fast, forward motion.

The final five targets must be set in such a way that horse and rider are challenged to shoot the targets at a maximum rate of speed, according to their ability.

It is specifically not the intention of the CMSA rules to penalize a fast horse and rider.

After completing the stage, the contestant must immediately report to the armorer and unload both revolvers.




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