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How To Date A Horse Rider

Zilleran Glade

Be Okay With Weird Smells

When I was growing up as a horse girl it was not unusual to spend days in the stable and come home covered in hay, mud and manure. We didn’t spend hours watching videos of ourselves riding and criticising every angle of our legs, and not only did we complain about how broke we were and how we couldn’t afford normal human things, but I didn’t blink when we paid our horses to get pedicures and fancy aluminum shoes. At the end of the day, we smelled so bad we became immune to our own smell. 

If you can’t handle the smell of a stable (think poo, urine, sweaty smells) you might reconsider dating a horse girl. Personally, I don’t sense the smell of horse shit as much as most people, but you have to respect that. 

Be Prepared To Talk About Horses

Whenever you hang out with her and her equestrian friends, she and her friends always talk about equestrian things. You know what she cares about, what she does with it and what she does with it. She has a horse in her life and she is able to put her horse name into everything we mean to say in the conversation. 

For some riders, obsession with everything to do with horses can dominate every aspect of their lives, including their relationships. It can make a big difference if you help her obsession and show interest in her so that your romance can flourish. If you’re interested in dating a horse rider, Hinge is a great choice for men seeking women, or you could give SilverDaddies a try if you’re a man seeking men.

Be Ready For Lots of Time Spent Caring For Horses

Add at least 10 minutes for the inevitable small talk you’ll experience in the barn. Depending on geographical location close to the stable, you may need a 30-minute drive to the stable (if possible), 10-minute attempts to catch the horse (20 minutes), brush and tack (40 minutes), an hour or so of ride, get rid of it (30 minutes) and then drive home for 30 minutes. 

The downside of this extraordinary passion and work ethic is that it leaves little time for other things like shopping and cooking. Whenever your significant other is dressed and ready for dinner, all is left to McDonalds or QuickMart. With work comes the time to look after the horses of dressage riders, the physical work and the mental effort to be perfect. 

Your horse lady will probably spend many hours in the stable every evening and you must be sure that there is a good reason for that, but do not question that it is for a peaceful life. As for the horse girl, the weekends are reserved for attending shows and competitions, no matter what. If you think your weekends are your own, then maybe you start to wonder if you should date a horse girl. 

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